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Summer 2020 is finally upon us! As everyone heads out for summer break, we want to remind you how important it is to keep students' brains working just a little bit, even while they are away from school.


This summer may look a little different than previous summers, with a lot of activities we might normally have done that are closed. This gives you plenty of extra time to read! There are lots of fun and easy ways to fit reading into your summer plans!

  • Encourage your child to read at least 15-20 minutes every day, or a minimum of 5 books during summer break.
  • Find one or two books your whole family can read together and discuss- it's like your own little book club!
  • It's OK for your child to read anything at their reading level that interests them: comics, magazines, graphic novels, news articles, books, etc.
  • Don’t forget to take reading material with you when you go on trips or while you wait at lessons, appointments, etc.
  • Use the public library to check out books - select JoCo Library branches have drive-thru services open now; all branches will reopen mid-June. Check their website for more information.
  • Use your reading minutes to "double-dip" in additional reading programs from the library or local bookstores. See the Resources section below for links.
  • Only minutes from May 23 - September 8 will count towards this reading challenge.
  • Have fun and fabulous summer, and keep reading!

Time Tracking & Log submission - UPDATED 8/13/2020

  1. Keep track of your child’s reading with our reading log. If your child is old enough, have them record their own minutes on the log.
  2. Make sure your student's name is on every page.
  3. IMPORTANT!!! Please make sure that you provide a GRAND TOTAL of all the reading minutes on your log(s).  Logs that are submitted without a final total may not be eligible for participation.  Don't let your child's hard work go to waste. TOTAL YOUR MINUTES!
  4. DUE DATE: Logs are due no later than Friday, September 11, 2020. We need time to sort and tally all submissions, as well as make arrangements for prizes, therefore late submissions will not be accepted. 
    1. If you are turning in paper logs in-person, at school, please staple all pages together. Ensure your child's name is on each page and that you have added up the grand total of all reading minutes.  Please have your child turn in their logs to their teacher. As parent access to the school/front office is strictly prohibited, the office will not be accepting logs from parents.
    2. Alternatively, you may submit your logs electronically by emailing a PDF or JPG/PNG file to

TL;DR: total your minutes and submit logs by Friday, September 11.


Summer Reading Celebration - UPDATED 8/13/2020

Although we cannot hold the Summer Reading Celebration in-person this year, all eligible participants will still be honored with a reading certificate. 


Students will still be awarded prizes for the TOP 3 readers (by total minutes) in each grade level and the TOP 3 readers in the whole school! 



Questions? Contact Bethany Scheppele, Summer Reading Program Coordinator

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