VPE Community Service Program


Who can participate?

Any student may earn community service hours and participate in monthly meetings.  VPE will provide one service opportunity a month at school and several out of school opportunities throughout the year.  You can also plan your own activities with your family.

How can I find out about the monthly meetings?

Information about monthly meetings is published in the weekly eBlast, VPE Community Service Page and on Facebook.  In order to participate students must be signed up via the link provided.  Emailing your students teacher will not count as signing up.  We plan activities, supplies and snacks based on the number of students on the link.  If you have trouble with the link, please email the community service account directly.

How am I recognized for my hard work?

All students who log community service hours will be recognized at the end of the school year with a certificate.

If any student completes 26 or more hours of community service, he/she will be recognized with a signed certificate from the President of the United States.  The 4 students who log the most hours will be invited to a ceremony at the School District in May.

What qualifies for Community Service Hours? 

Activities which qualify for community service should:

  • Be for the benefit of others;
  • Give service to an area need;
  • Not involve payment.

Activities which do not qualify as community service include:

  • Activities that are part of a student's normal academic day (i.e.  participating in the school play or playing in the school band);
  • Belonging to an organization (i.e. Cub Scouts or Brownies). However, if the student participates in a qualifying community service project as part of that group, then those hours could be counted.  (Time spent on sales of goods for these organizations will not count as qualifying hours i.e. popcorn or cookies);
  • Activities that are preformed as part of the "family unit" (i.e. babysitting siblings, grocery shopping, gardening, washing the car, etc.);
  • Personal enrichment activities (i.e. dance lessons, cooking class, community play, etc,);
  • Travel time.

For any additional information you may need, please see the Blue Valley School District Community Service Guidelines here.

How do I keep track of my hours?

Hours for this school year are counted between April 1, 2019 and  March 31, 2020.  Tracking logs can be found here.

***Tracking forms are due to VPE by March 29th, 2020***

Who to I contact with questions?

Community Service Chair Mona Edwards, communityservVPE@gmail.com

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